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Vietnam - The endless beauty

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Đăng lúc 16-7-2012 12:36:43 | Xem tất |Chế độ đọc
The Union of Science for Sustainable Tourism Development (STDe) held a seminar to introduce tourism product project, “Vietnam – The endless beauty”, on June 23rd in Hanoi.

The project focuses on the typical beauty and comprehensive values of lotus, through which tourists would further explore the beauty of Vietnam, its land and people.

International tourists would also learn more about Vietnam through a set of tourism products to introduce three growth periods of lotus, including being born period (implicit beauty), growth period (endless beauty) and the peak period (long-lasting beauty). Each period shows different beautiful features of lotus.

Accordingly, the endless beauty of Vietnam tourism will be introduced through special angles, such as the beauty of sincere, simple and open smile of Vietnamese people, the beauty of Vietnam’s flavor – enjoying the civilization of wet rice cultivation and cuisine culture from rice, the beauty of Vietnam’s color – the colour of nature with bays, islands, beaches, white salt fields and village lanes, the beauty of Vietnam’s intelligence and to name but a few.

Doctor Nguyen Thu Hanh, the Chairwoman of the Union said that the discription, “Vietnam – the endless beauty”, means the diversity of Vietnam. The project is another effort to popularize Vietnamese lotus – the symbol of Vietnam as well as to boost its tourism.
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