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Vietnam Beauty - The hidden charm

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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the heart of South East Asia. It lies on Indochina Peninsula. It stretches south from the Chinese border along the east coast of the Indochina Peninsula. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, and the East Sea, to the east and the south. With a population of over 86 million and an area of 330,000 square km, our country is developing rapidly. People say that our country is a hidden small dragon. It is now awake and ready to soar to greater new heights. And now you're discovering that small dragon. The topography of Vietnam consists of a complex geography with three quarter mountains and ancient forest, a quarter delta plains. It's filled with exotic fauna, winding rivers and sandy tropical beaches.

Although entirely within the tropics, the Vietnam's climate is different from region to region. The annual average temperature is from 22ºC to 27ºC. The north of our country has cold, humid winters and warm, wet summers, while the south is warm all year with a monsoon season from May to November. Back to our history, 35 years passed since the American War in Vietnam ended. Many foreigners still don't know much knowledge about our small country. In reality, our country has outstanding natural beauty with many small peaceful villages and easygoing people. According to history's relics, our ancestors are Hung Kings. They lived 4000 years ago. Vietnamese believe that they belong to "the children of the Dragon and the Fairy".
Vietnam - Best destination.

Our official language is Vietnamese. Beside the official language, each ethnic minority group has its own dialect that has been used and preserved in daily life. For population and people, although it is a small country with the area of 330,000 square kilometers, there are up to 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam. Kinh people accounts for nearly 86% of the whole population, and the others are ethnic minority groups about 14%. Nowadays, Kinh people mostly base in plains, especially in the Red River Delta and the Mekong Delta. The ethnic minority groups locate in the mountainous areas. Each group has their own custom and tradition. However, they are all friendly and love peace. Vietnamese are gentle, friendly to visitors. I'm sure you will find that after your excursion.

Spiritual life in Vietnam is a mixture of belief from Confucianism to Buddhism, Taoism and Animism. It's called Tam Giao Dong Nguyen. This means triple religion exist together. Besides, Christianity also play important role in many Vietnamese's spiritual. For the festival, Tet Nguyen Dan is our most important festival. The name Tet Nguyen Dan is Sino-Vietnamese for "Feast of the First Morning". It often celebrates in late January or early February and long in two weeks. This festival welcomes the Lunar New Year and to worship our ancestors. In festival, the children are got new clothes and get lucky money from their parents, grandparents and relation. For adult, they gather and give the best wishes each other. Tet Holiday is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions. During Tet, we visit temples and pagodas to make a wish for a luckiness, happiness and success year.

Beside Tet Holiday, we also have many other festivals include traditional and modern festivals. The best time you can part in traditional festival is spring and autumn.

For Vietnamese food, it can't be denied that food in Vietnam is extremely delicious and reflect Vietnamese culture; however, to find exact place to eat is not easy for travelers. Thus, I would like to share some of my experience. I hope it can help some of you. You can try in your free time.

Firstly, Beef Pho, Chicken Pho or some other types of noodle like cold shellfish noodle is good for you. It's similar to Western's soup but it's very special cuisine and taste.

Secondly, some traditional cakes shouldn't be missed, such as shrimp cake. This food is famous for West lake in Hanoi.

Thirdly, spring roll is also a fantastic food; the most famous is crab spring roll. "Pho cuon" another kind of spring roll, it made of "Pho" and you can find this food easily everywhere in our country, but the most special Pho is in Hanoi. Please visit Hanoi to experience an amazing place of food.

About drink, if you're interested in our local beer, don't miss out the draught beer. We call "bia hoi" in Vietnamese. Besides, you can try this drink in other areas, such as Hanoi beer in Hanoi, Saigon beer in HCM city, so on.

With so many beach resorts along the stunning coastline, historical cities and towns in the north and centre of the country and rural communities all around the Mekong Delta, our country will surely hold something of interest for you.

"Vietnam - The Hidden Charm" is the slogan of the Vietnam tourism industry. It has been used since 2005. it represents the most honest beauty of Vietnam. Come and feel Vietnam's beauty!

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